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The Cheap Auto Insurance Blog

The Cheap Auto Insurance Blog looks at the most interesting and unusual news and information on cars, driving and insurance.

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Doin’ the math: ’69 Camaro is an eBay bargain at 160K

It’s not every day that you see a $160,000 bargain listed on eBay, but the 1969 Chevy Camaro that’s currently listed on the online auction site fits that bill nicely.

This Rad Ride (literally) puts the pedal to the metal with over $600,000 of parts and labor put into the vehicle, and it will blow the doors of the competition (it should, shouldn’t it?)

GM Authority has all the details:

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Pro Touring Race Car For Sale | GM Authority T. Trepanier, President of Rad Rides by Troy, is renown for creating jaw-dropping show cars that can actually hold up on the racetrack. These bespoke Pro Tourers tend to win best-in-show awards anywhere they go, and it just so happens that a custom built 1969 “Race Camaro” is currently being sold on eBay for the price of $159,985. All documentation, including invoices for parts and labor are included with the purchase, as well as DVD’s containing photos of the build in its entirety.

With over $600,000 invested in the vehicle, it’s a steal at the asking price of $159,985. “Rad Rides by Troy” has turned this 1969 Camaro into a track monster, with show-stopping looks. If you’re interested in owning this one-off beast of a Camaro, head over to eBay for the complete listing.

Fast Rides at the Utah State Fair

OK, not really sure if these happenin’ rigs actually require auto insurance, but if they do, we can probably cover them! Still, we didn’t want to pass up the Utah State Fair’s 72nd greatest hit: Fast Rides! The Utah State Fair Greatest Hits #72 – Fast Rides – YouTube

Self driving cars may hit the road sooner that you think

Elon Musk, president of high-tech electric sports car maker Tesla Motors has changed his perspective on how soon we may be seeing self-driving cars on the road in the U.S. Even as recently as a year ago, he thought it would be a ‘some time in the future’ thing regarding when Autopiloted automobiles would becomeread more →

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Click 2 Call Car Insurance was so easy to use it was almost hard to believe. I just clicked on the number, talked to a licensed agent, and had new, cheaper car insurance in about 20 minutes.

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My driving record wasn't the best, but Michel, the agent I worked with, found me the insurance I needed at a price I could afford to pay. I had a policy in about half an hour. Thanks Michel!

Jeff M. - via email

I used the online form, which let me get quotes from insurance companies whose names I recognized immediately. No hard sell, no tricks, no calls, just real quotes on insurance.

Mason D. - via email

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